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Sanitary Manhole Cover With Nature Anti-Theft

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sanitary manhole cover
Sanitary manhole cover is a new type of manhole cover, which has beautiful appearance and strong bearing capacity. It is mainly due to the rationality of its structures. Many users are curious about its bearing capacity.
Today, let us analyze the bearing capacity of resin manhole cover from the perspective of structure.
1 Base on the appearance of load bearing structurer, compared with the stiffened structure (concentrated load-bearing), the stress area at the bottom of the structure is several times larger.
2 From the material aspect, the wear-resistant layer adopts polychromatic quartz sand as wear resistant material and adds stabilizer, so that the wear resistant performance and service life of the product are doubled.
3 Multi layer reinforced, layer by layer, uniform stress, so that the structure of the product bearing capacity is stronger.
4 The continuous reinforced fiber framework ensures the high bearing capacity of the resin manhole cover, and avoids the separation and shedding of other composite products due to the use of reinforcement materials such as steel bars.
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