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How to Confirm the Hardness of Resin Manhole Covers?

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As the resin manhole cover is gradually accepted by the public, its advantages are becoming more and more obvious.
How to confirm the hardness of resin manhole covers? Due to different experimental methods, the physical and theoretical meanings of the hardness values of raw materials are also different. In the resin manhole cover, the strength of the raw materials is continuously improved, and the corresponding hardness value is also higher. In the resin composite manhole cover, the hardness value and the hardness strength have a very similar corresponding relationship. The indentation hardness value of the rubber fiber composite manhole cover refers to the ability of the raw mateiral of the resin fiber reinforced composite manhole cover to resist the development of plastic deformation caused by the working pressure of some other targets. The engraving hardness value reflects the ability of the surface cracking of the local structure of the manhole cover.
resin manhole cover
However, the most widely used in China is the static indentation test, which is based on the shape of the indenter, the data management of the resin fiber battery composite material manhole cover, and the impact of environmental load. It is suitable for various manhole cover materials of enterprises. Rigid requirements in fact, we are just such a social function service strategy, that is, under the premise of not damaging the resin manhole cover, not only facilitates batch inspection, but also guarantees the quality of product information. With high bearing capacity, wear resistance and weather resistance, and long service lifem it is neecessary to pay attention to the correct construction method during construction to avoid unnecessary installation accidents.
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