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Comparison of Round Manhole Cover and Square Manhole Cover

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The manhole cover is a wall leading to the top of the entrance and exit of underground facilities. In order to meet the requirements of daily maintenance, inspection wells are set at the road corners. The manhole can not only bear the high speed and large flow of traffic vehicles, but also prevent vehicles, pedestrians and foreign matters from entering, so as to ensure the normal operation of equipment maintenance. At present, nearly 80000 road lampshades in Changsha are basically square well covers. After years of observation, combined with the operation and maintenance experience, it is found that the traditional square manhole design has many disadvantages. With the continuous development of science and technology, urban road lighting facilities are constantly improved and innovated, breaking the original design concept is imminent.
Comparison between square manhole cover and round manhole cover
In addition to the fact that the circular manhole cover is smaller than the square manhole cover in the maintenance space, the circular manhole cover has the following advantages compared with the square manhole cover:
(1) The round manhole cover has less corners, for example, the manhole cover is more beautiful.
(2) The stress balance of the round manhole cover can prevent noise and sound.
(3) The stress of the round manhole cover is uniform, and its bearing capacity is higher than that of the square manhole cover. The round manhole cover is not easy to tilt, which can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.
(4) The performance of round manhole cover is better than that of square manhole cover. Vehicles and pedestrians pass through the lamp manhole cover at any time. The length of each diameter passing through the center of the round hole cover is the same.
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