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The Price Of Composite Manhole Cover

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There are so many factors that affect the price of composite manhole cover in Shandong Province
What are the factors that influence the price of manhole cover? According to the price, we can caculate the project budget. Of course, no matter what quality we buy, it's not enough to look at the price. The most important factors need to compare:
1 raw materials
Different materials have clearly difference appearance and the cost. The raw materials also have different properties. We know that in addition to cement manhole covers, there are cast iron covers and composite manhole covers. The price of these materials is different, so the materials for the cover are different naturally.
2 Production Process
Each factory have own production process, The production process belongs to post treatment, many products may not have good performance, but they will be different after processing. the processed products can greatly change the characteristics of the products. Including the maintenance degree of the cover in the production process, detenines the life of the cover.
composite manhole cover
3 Appearance
Although the shape of the manhole cover is almost the same, its's not different to find that the manhole cover produced by different manufacturers is different in shape and appearance. For example, sometimes it is used  near the manhole cover of a large shopping mall parking. If the style is not exquisite, it will appear very abrupt.
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