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Application Scope And Advantages of Resin Trench Cover

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Resin trench cover packaging, general bulk or binding packaging belt, mainly according to the situation of customers. If there is not enough cargo, there is no need to use forklift for loading and unloading, so it is more convenient to bulk in general. On the contrary, if there are more goods, it will be more convenient to pack them by forklift. In short, in order to facilitate customers, the protection of products in the process of transportation is not damaged.
resin trench cover
Production Way:
Resin trench cover is a kind of glass fiber reinforced with regular distribution in rectangular and square space, which has bidirectional isotropic mechanical properties. It can be widely used in petroleum, walk way, etc. It is an ideal product in corrosive environment, and also suitable for civil buildings.
Performance of resin trench cover:
With high strength, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, anti-skid, non-magnetic insulation, beautiful color, easy to clean and easy to install. It's widely used in petrochemical, light industry metallurgy, food brewing, energy and power, sewage treatment and other industries.
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