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Performance of CO 600mm Composite Manhole Cover With Round Type

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What are the advantages of the composite manhole cover? What are the advantages of high temperature forming process?
First of all, the composite manhole cover is a new type of environmental protection cover. Composite manhole cover is a kind of fiber reinforced thermosetting composite material, which is made of unsaturated polyester resin by molding process. What are the advantages of composite manhole cover? The manhole cover produced by this method has the advantages of high polymerization degree, high density, good impact and tensile strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no corrosion and no pollution.
Why is the high temperature forming process much more advanced than the casting process? The main reason is that the internal high temperature molding process only needs a small amount of electric energy in the operation process, which shows its excellent environmental protection and energy saving performance. Casting process not only has a great impact on the environment, but also consumes a lot of energy.
composite manhole cover
Practice has proved that the high temperature forming process is more convenient and simple. As long as the injection temperature is set, the injection can be carried out. However, the casting process is not as simple as it is said, because the temperature of molten iron and the structure of composite materials need to be controlled manually. Therefore, the requirements for operators are higher.
From the production process point of view, the advantages of composite manhole cover can be clearly reflected, and its advantages are far more than these. The bearing grade and specification of the composite manhole cover can be determined according to the actual needs.
The manhole covers are mostly round, and the molded composite manhole covers are no exception. The circular design also helps to prevent irregular objects from falling, greatly improving safety. From the manhole cover products, it can be seen that the products produced by high temperature molding process are more beautiful, more three-dimensional and more exquisite, while the manhole cover made by traditional casting process is rough.
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