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Water Meter Box Performance

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The water meter box is mad of SMC sheet molding material, which is molded at one time at high temperature. It has beautiful appearance, smooth surface, bright color.
1 The mechnical properties of the box are good. Due to the use of SMC composite materials, the box has light weight, high strength, high unit density and low porosity. Its mechanical properties are about 20-40% higher than those of hand laid products.
2 High chemical resistance, the box uses composite material as raw material, it can withstand water, most acids, alkali, salt and some organic solvents and ultraviolet light corrosion, has better corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, all metal parts are treated by rust treatment, the overall service life of the box can reach 20 to 30 years.
3 Excellent coloration, the color of the box and lid is brought by the raw material, without external spraying, and can be kept outdoors for a long time, without fading, which can greatly improve the corporate image of customers.
4 The SMC composite material used in the box has no recycling value and can avoid the worry of being stolen.
5 Combined type: it can be combined into a combined water meter box with any meter position on the basis of the basic meter position according to the user's requirements.
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