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SMC Gas Station Manhole Cover 900x70mm Made By Shandong Manufacture

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Shandong SMC manhole cover manufacture supplier the high duty gas station, 900x70mm manhole cover
SMC manhole cover is new type of high strength composite manhole cover. Its appearance sloves the problem of traditional manhole cover stolen, the problem of traditional manhole cover noise and sealing. It has become a manhole cover with good development prospect at this stage.
Now most gas stations use this kind of bearing manhole cover, which uses SMC sheet as the main material. It has the characteristics of stable structure, high strength, not easy to be damaged, good resilience, no recycling value, nature anti-theft, fire retardant and anti-static performance. After a certain time of high temperature molding with a large tonnage press, the gap between the cover and the base of SMC manhole cover is small, basically not noise problems.
The commonly used size is 900x70mm which can also be used with the inner cover. The function of the inner cover is to prevent dust, water and failing, which can better ensure the safety of the gas station manhole cover.
SMC gas station manhole cover
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