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The Appearance of Intelligent Manhole Cover Makes People's Life More Convenient

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More and more places around us are using intelligent manhole cover. But many people don't know how to design smart manhole cover. Let's get to know the design principles of the smart manhole cover.
1 the principle of combining advanced nature with practicality.
The system recommended in this scheme makes full use of the current mainstrem advanced technology and design ideas, the most advanced internet of things technology, combined with other mature technical achievements, with a high level, and can keep up with the developments trend of technology in several years.
2. safety and reliability principle
In the design and construction of the system, the improvement of safety measures is considered in the aspects of operating system and software system. There are corresponding protection measures for hardware equipment and software rights. Combined with the system log, the validity and security of every step of the system operation are tested, and the backtracking query is realized. Continuous, stable and efficient normal operation is the basis of the normal operation of the whole system. The system field equipment works in the field, the environment is bad, the temperature is high, the humidity is big, even the water flooded, which is a great test for the system equipment. Therefore, the system must have high reliability hardware and software configuration to meet the requirements of 24-hour continuous operation in harsh outdoor environment.
3. principles of openness and scalability
The system provides raw data, and adopts open communication protocol and data structure. When the function extension and data application system are upgraded, the system can be easily extended. The key modules of the system are relatively independent and flexible. When a single module is extended, the impact on other modules is minimized. In terms of storage capacity and processing speed, the system fully considers the future coverage scale expansion and user demand capacity, thus realizing the overall optimization of short-term and long-term interests of users, and ensuring that the system can be easily expanded in a certain period.
4. maintainability
The system design should meet the changing demands and scale of users, ensure the convenience of maintenance and minimize the maintenance workload. On the one hand, the system adopts modular hardware structure, which has the ability of quick repair. On the other hand, establish the corresponding system management and maintenance mechanism to ensure the normal operation of the system.
The above content is about some common design principles of intelligent manhole cover, and I hope it can help you.
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