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Function Of Moulded Composite Manhole Cover

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Compound manhole cover is a kind of manhole cover which is widely used now. In order to integrate it into different application requirements, the design of composite manhole cover has a variety of functions.
The composite manhole cover has strong anti-corrosion ability. The mass loss shall not exceed 1%. In this way, there is no need to worry about the damage of the composite manhole cover caused by long-term wind and sun exposure. Its load-bearing working pressure level is also we are at ease, the compressive strength level is tested by professional and technical personnel, reaching D400 level.
Now, after thousands of years of efforts and independent innovation, we have basically realized the transformation of the composite manhole cover. The composite manhole cover has the advantages that the previous manhole cover does not have. Suitable for all fields, long service life, reliable quality, no maintenance problems. At present, most of the composite manhole covers on the market have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity and large bearing capacity. More importantly, the raw materials used in the whole production process are cheap and easy to obtain. The key is to have a good anti-destructive performance. The composite cover has no steel structure, and the cover body is made of new materials. Recovery and reuse has no use value, which greatly avoids the damage of the composite manhole cover.
It can be customized according to customers.
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