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The Trench Cover Supports Customized Size and Color

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The trench cover is made of cement and cast iron. It is easy to be damaged in normal use in the later period, and the replacement cost is high. Therefore, there are resin composite cover plate, steel grating cover plate and ball milled cast iron cover plate, which are widely used and very popular.
So what should be considered when installing the trench cover plate?
1. Service environment of trench cover plate
With the development of science and technology, the trench cover is more and more refined. At this time, we need to consider the installation and use of occasions, such as commercial square, are generally walking. In terms of load, we only need to use the cover plate with general load capacity. It is recommended to use resin trench cover, which is both beautiful and practical. However, for example, some municipal roadside or parking lots on special occasions, their bearing capacity must be very high in order to reach the corresponding bearing standard, otherwise accidents are prone to occur. It is suggested to use ductile iron trench cover with strong bearing capacity and large displacement.
trench cover
2. Clearance dimension of trench cover plate
In the accidents caused by the trench cover, part of the reason is that the gap of the cover plate is too small or too wide, so the gap size of the cover plate should be selected according to the site, or manufactured by professional customized manufacturers. The manufacturer of trench cover plate can make suggestions on the gap size of the cover plate according to the construction site of customers. Generally, the gap width is 12mm or 10mm, and the width is not more than 12mm, so as to facilitate the walking of women's high-heeled shoes, and can be customized according to the requirements of customers.
3. beautiful appearance
Shape is a problem that must be considered in many engineering construction, which is related to people's changes in aesthetic details. Small to the trench cover, must be integrated into the surrounding environment. Our resin trench cover can meet this requirement. The novel design style of resin cover is not suitable for it, it often meets the aesthetic requirements of modern people. The novel design breaks through the tradition and gives people a simple and unified visual experience.
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