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Composite Manhole Cover Precautions

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The utilization rate of composite manhole cover is more and more widely. In the whole process of engineering construction, choosing the appropriate operation method will lead to the collapse of manhole cover in the whole process of application.
In the whole process of the installation of the composite manhole cover, the limit of the overall design of the manhole cover and the shaft is low, and there is no structural reinforcement in the confinement layer, so as to improve the design scheme. It is unscientific to plan and configure the pipeline engineering project in the whole range of road motorway. In urban public transportation, a large number of super heavy vehicles are damaged due to insufficient commodity load capacity of manhole covers. The construction of the reinforcement project of the manhole cover foundation structure is not standard, the manhole cover is uneven with the ground, and the structure is broken.
composite manhole cover
The reason for the collapse of the composite manhole cover is the quality problem of the manhole cover product, and the adopted manhole cover exceeds the load of its own design scheme. In order to prevent the safety risk of composite manhole cover, we must treat the quality of manhole cover correctly and refuse to use inferior non-standard manhole cover products.
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