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Characteristic Of Composite Water Grating

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The rainwater drainage grate is made of glass fiber braiding. The product specifications are various, including square space and rectangle. It has two-way and isotropic mechanical characteristics, and can also customize the color according to the needs of customers. Next, let's take a closer look.
Rainwater grate is widely used in power, chemical, electronic, petroleum, sewage treatment and other industries. The product is an ideal product for corrosive environment, and also widely used in civil construction facilities. In the process of use, it has superior acid resistance and incomparable performance in the field of anti-corrosion. Moreover, in practical application, the product can have different economic options.
composite water grate
At the same time, its high strength, easy installation and cutting, the product is made of resin and glass fiber. Its strength exceeds the camouflage and ordinary high level, and can greatly reduce the foundation support, thus reducing the material cost of the project. It is especially easy to cut and install. Only simple manual and electric tools are needed, and the installation cost is greatly reduced.
The above drainage and rainwater grate information is shared here. Through the above introduction, I hope to bring you more help. If you have any demand for this product, please call our website hotline to inquire and order.
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