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380x680mm Trench Cover BMC Materials

FRP Resin Composite Tench Covers Bangladesh

No recovery value---It will solve the stolen problem thoroughly.High load capacity---Its high load capacity exceedsthe ductile iron

Material: BMC
Trench cover
1. No recovery value---It will solve the stolen problem thoroughly.
2. High load capacity---Its high load capacity exceeds the ductile iron.
3. Free-design---It can be designed according to users' demands, including color, pattern, specification.
4. Long service life-it can be used at least 30 years.
5. Good wear and corrosion resistance----It will never rust because it has good wear and corrosion resistance.
The advantages of trench cover
1.Nice appearance
2.Better drainage:water leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than twice of cast iron.
3.Design of anti-theft:no later recycle value,anti-theft,safety and easy to open.
4.High strength
5.Good weather-ability: corrosion resistance; acid-alkali resistant.
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