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Spiral steel pipe weld process

Spiral steel pipe into the steel unit, the multi-channel roll rolling, gradually rolled steel, formed with an opening gap of a circular tube, adjust the amount of reduction squeeze rollers, the weld gap control 1 ~ 3mm, and weld ends flush.

  1. If the gap is too large, the resulting reduction of the proximity effect, lack of eddy heat, poor weld together to produce crystal indirect incomplete fusion or cracking.

2. If the gap is too small, the proximity effect caused by increasing welding heat is excessive, causing burning weld; welds or extruded to form a pit after rolling, affecting the quality of the weld surface.

After the two edges of the tube is heated to welding temperature at squeezing rollers squeeze, a common metal grains mutual penetration, crystallization, eventually forming a solid weld. If the spiral pipe extrusion pressure is too small, the number of co-crystals form small, weld metal strength decreases, will produce after cracking force; if the pressing force is too large, will make molten weld metal is extruded, not only reduces the weld strength, and will generate a lot of internal and external burrs, and even cause defects such as welding seam ride.