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Custom-Make Drainage Trench Cover Factory

Custom-Make Drainage Trench Cover Factory

Basic Info

Model NO.:YC01Trench Drain Grating Cover:Trench Cover Grating with Competitive Price

.Product description
Road trench drain grating cover: 
1) Extended life. 
2) High efficiency. 
3) Safe installation. 
4) Safe opening and closing.
Specifications of Road trench drain grating cover 
1)Type: GT, GU, GM
2)Material: JGxxx/30/100 
3)Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, paint or other anti-corrosive coatings
4)Standard: YB/T4001.1-2007, ANSI/NAAMM, BS4592, AS1657
5)GT Trench cover: except for high way, GT trench cover is suitable for all other roads, which are not crowded. Screw fixing is recommended to avoid danger. This kind of trench cover is used on T shape ditch, with angle steel searing frame. JGxxx/30/100 is generally used for making GT trench cover, and other types are also available. For the trench covers used in public places, the grating with 50 mm cross bar pitch is recommended. Serrated type and I bar type grating is available according to customer requests
6)GU Trench cover: regarding most concrete groove without edge, it would be very simple and economical to use GU trench cover for there is no special requirement to groove edge. It's suggested that angle steel should be filled in upper edge. If the loads are T-6 and T-14. The U trench prefab blocks are also available to prevent dirty water to leak in to earth. But GU trench cover is just suitable for side ditch when a car need to cross it
7)GM Trench cover: usually use the grating with 50mm cross bar pitch to enhance the impact resistance.
8)Application: draining well, park and civil projects, etc
Class of loading

Class of loadFully Laden(kg)Back Single-wheel Load(KN)Wheel-pressure Area a*b (mm)

Features of Drainage pit & trench cover
1) Extended life from hot dip galvanizing
2) High hydraulic efficiencies due to maximum waterway created by narrow load bars Secure anchoring of frame in concrete from out turned frame angles and deformed steel rod anchors
3)Safe installation arising from low frame and grating weights
4)Safe opening and closing due to low weights and the availability of grating hinging

.Why choose us:
We promise: cost price for the first cooperation 
Our advantages:
a. We are local manufactory---price are much competitive. 
b. We have done international business for more than 20years-- high reputation in worldwide.
c. We adhere to the operational theme of "We only produce products to you praise
.How to order:
1. Kindly indicate the specifications, size, quantities and required surface treatment of steel grating.
2. Give type and quantity of fastener. In principle, each piece of grating needs four sets of fasteners.
3. Please offer construction plan when big floor areas are required to cover with steel gratings.
Also provide constructional elevation drawing and joint details as well as section size and location of supporting 
steel beam, 
if any openings are required on such floor areas.
4. When ordering stair treads, please state out types of stair treads, and the specification, length, width, quantity and required surface treatment for grating used.
  1. How can I get a exactly quotation?
    There are three ways:
*You can tell me the bearing bar size and the pitch of bearing bar and cross bar
*You can tell me the carrying capacity of per square meter and the maximum span.
*You can send me the drawings about steel grating
2. What are the size of steel grating common specifications?
*The grating that the pitch between bearing bar is 30mm,is most widely used type in industrial field.
*The grating that the pitch between bearing bar is 40mm is the most economical and lightest type. It is the best choice for you on occasions that the clear span is small
*The grating is the pitch between bearing bar is 60mm and the pitch between cross bar is 50mm is developed specially for mining industry.it solves the problem of mineral splash on the plate.
*The grating with the pitch of 30mm between bearing bar and of 75mm between cross bar is the most popular type used home and abroad.it is proper for many applications such as walkways,platforms,etc.
3. What are the size of common steel grating stair tread?
The bearing bar size are 25*3mm, 25*5mm, 32*5mm
The pitch of bearing bar are 30mm and 40mm.
4. What standard can your steel grating meet?
We can produce steel grating according to different countries.
Such as China YB/T4001.1-2007,USA ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88),UK BS4592-1-1995 Australia    AS1657-1992 
and so on
5. How about your factory strength?
We have more than 100 staff,and there are 40 have 20 years of experience in this industry.
We have a complete set of production line.
6. Which countries do you export to?
We currently export to Singapore, Vietnam, USA, Kuwait, Austria, Japan and so on.
7. The sample question
We can supply free common steel grating sample and the sample will be readly in four days.
8. The delivery problems
We usually need 20 days to produce 20' container (about 20tons) after receiving the 30% deposit payment.

Product Description

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